Mark Leech

Teaching Pastor

Mark has been a sought after youth speaker and Youth Director before becoming a part of the New Vintage team. Mark and his family have been with us since 2009.

Nic Pospiech

Associate Pastor

Nic has been an effective team leader in both business and ministry and we are privileged to have him and his family a part of the New Vintage family since 2009!

Opal Houchin

Board Chair

Opal and her family were part of the planting team in early 2009 and has been faithfully serving alongside us ever since. She has years of experience in youth ministry and professional team leading.

Seth Schaffer

Lead Deacon

Seth is a hands on guy with grit and grace. Seth leads his family of 5 and our Deacon team to meet the needs of our church family.

Faye Young

First Impressions Hospitality Director

Faye is wired to take in strays and it shows! Her hospitality towards others make everyone feel like family and her passion for the Bible make her an honored and distinguished part of our New Vintage family since 2009.

Anthony Young

Technical Director

Anthony uses our tech toys to enhance communication on Sundays, making sure screens are live, sound is clean and sermons are recorded. He, like Brad, is available!